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Certitude is a tool used to validate solutions for geocaching puzzles.

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Puzzle GC#:
Waypoint  OwnerNameLocation Date publishedWoo
D'Oh!Since last
GC70W5H(POK)JEU DE LETTRES #20Île-de-FranceSun, 26 Feb 20171471 year
GC7EJY2(POK)Oreille musicaleÎle-de-FranceSat, 9 Dec 2017364715 days
GC7GH4Y(POK)Carte de voeuxÎle-de-FranceMon, 1 Jan 2018301492 months
GC7HAK6(POK)finissent mal en général!Île-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 20181413815 days
W17HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201817231 month
W27HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201813571 month
W37HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201812221 month
W47HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201819314 days
W57HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 20181471 month
W67HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201815814 days
W77HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 20181451 month
W87HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 20181431 month
W97HAK6(POK)...FINISSENT MAL EN GENERALÎle-de-FranceWed, 14 Feb 201812221 month
GC62PHB*AcademicGamerWelcome to Jefferson's beach airport viewFloridaWed, 2 Sep 2015486010 days
GC62R8G*AcademicGamerWelcome to six feet above beach levelFloridaSun, 6 Sep 2015352819 days
GC62YTZ*AcademicGamerWelcome to Jackson's Beach Blast FiveFloridaWed, 9 Sep 20154310219 days
GC6334B*AcademicGamerFill more of your bucket at the beachFloridaThu, 10 Sep 2015361088 hours
GC63BHK*AcademicGamerWelcome to Washington's three dragon beachFloridaTue, 15 Sep 2015562019 days
GC63KTY*AcademicGamerWelcome to Polk a dot beach FloridaThu, 17 Sep 2015613119 days
GC6DNPE*AcademicGamerWhat's your MathabilityFloridaMon, 21 Mar 201664581 month
GC6DWFY*AcademicGamerSomething other than a grimFloridaTue, 22 Mar 201676276 days
GC6HHEQ*Dunni* & die Kurze(Familien-) Cache-DuellSachsenTue, 14 Jun 2016352401 month
GC6Z5BF*sunjammer*Kunterbunte Raterunde 1BayernWed, 11 Jan 20173272005 hours
GC6Z6DA*sunjammer*Kunterbunte Raterunde 3BayernThu, 12 Jan 2017226107918 hours
GC6Z82E*sunjammer*Kunterbunte Raterunde 2BayernSat, 14 Jan 201736767618 hours